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    We are thrilled to collaborate with Justin Aglio and Norton Gusky from the Remake Learning Network to support the community of pioneers at the leading edge of the ISTE Standards for Students!

    We have started building an interactive map for the standards on Expii, which empowers everyone to contribute their wisdom on various aspects of the standards, and best practices in implementation. That part of the platform focuses on curation through topical organization (in the interactive map), and community voting.

    To supplement that structure, we're happy to open this forum area for more free-flowing discussion, interaction, and community building. Please feel free to start discussions here, and to communicate with other pioneers through real-time chat, as we all work together to organize resources and best practices to help others as they adopt the standards worldwide.

  • I'm excited to be a PIoneer in the Expii universe. I'd like to hear from other educators about ways the ISTE Standards could help improve the quality of teaching and learning. For those who haven't seen the new ISTE Standards for Students, take a look at the link. Right now ISTE professionals are developing new standards for teachers.

  • This is soooo cool!!!

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