Registration error

  • Just installed expiisolve iphone app.

    After entering my expii website information and clicking the Register button, the app just flashes up "Registration error" at the top of the app in a red bar that disappears after a few seconds.

    Not sure how to get the app working...

  • administrators

    Hi @grey-don-360, and welcome to our community!! :)

    I unfortunately do not personally own an iOS device, so I am unable to test this myself, but we'll get working on it.

    I am able to check on our website, though, that you have created an account on Expii. Are you able to log into with your username and password? That will help us to identify the source of the problem. I'm interested in figuring out what is wrong.

  • I have the same problem. Login on the website works fine, it's just the iPhone app that doesn't work...

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