Can't load chemistry problems on any device

  • Any time I click the practice button nothing happens. The loading icon just spins indefinitely.

  • administrators

    Thanks for reporting this bug! We're happy to try to diagnose it. I just tried, and the site seems to work in Chemistry. Could you please send us a bug report to the email address, letting us know:

    1. The email address which you used to create an account (or whether you were using the site without an account, which is also OK)

    2. The precise time to the second, with time zone, when you encountered this issue (please just generate the bug again, and note the exact time that you do this)

    3. The exact URL in the location bar where you are encountering the error

    4. The web browser you are using, and its version (you can often find this by typing "about:" into the website location bar, without the quotes)

    We'll then dig in and check. Thank you for being an engaged member of our community!

  • It is working now, but it was not at the time of me sending the email. Thank you for your help!

  • administrators

    Thank you for sending the detailed bug report via email. It is still extremely important to us that there is no downtime, and so we will investigate. Please do reach out whenever you spot issues in the future. Thank you for being an engaged member of our community!

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