I love the error message whenever I try to report anything

  • I'm also in love within the not_being_able to message the author of a problem.... Fascinating.

    Hell no.... It is frustrating D=

    Expii is great, but its fed by humans and humans do mistakes. It would be helpful let someone knew of their mistakes.... Or tell them that the problem/question is duplicated.


  • administrators

    Thanks for your feedback! It is very helpful to hear from the community. We're in the midst of developing the next version of our entire site's design, and will update all of the messages.

    Regarding sending feedback to authors: it is indeed a good idea to allow communication to authors from the community. Since our contributors include school students, for privacy reasons we cannot pass direct messages from the general community to them unmoderated. However, this suggests a nice solution, in which comments can be directly passed from the community to the moderators, who then pass feedback onward to original authors. This way, information flows, while we also protect the authors from direct communication (which we must do for people who are under 18).

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