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    We've upgraded our real-time forum, and reorganized it to make it easier for the community to self-organize! We're also now redesigning Expii to cross-link into the forum, to increase the diversity of ways to learn.

    For reference, our old forum is still hosted at oldforum.expii.com for the time being.

    Welcome to our new and growing community!

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    We've just updated our forum server again. Testing the server with a new post!

  • @po

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. :-)

    Frankly given the nature of expii I'm shocked that the forum seems to be so dead. Hopefully it'll liven up.

    On a largely unrelated note, how is the calculus section of expii? I see it's still in beta. I'm getting ready to go into calculus and I was wondering if it's fleshed out enough to be Good primary resource.

    If I understand your description correctly though, me using it will help build the tool?

    I'm curious, how much of our learning information is tied to our identity and how much of it is made anonymous?

  • Great website for self-study!
    why hasn't anybody talked about this before?

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